CNC Rotary Transfer Grinding Machine


mm Max Workpiece Diameter


mm Max Workpiece Length


mm Max Flute Length

Rotary transfer grinding machine for helicoidal medical drills.
For medical and dental applications.
Customer-specific adaptations of the grinding stations.
The economical way to produce twist drills.
Optimal for large quantities.
Complete machining of the cutting area on twist drills.
Also available as M672 to grind couplings on the rear side of the drill.


Customer-specific adaptations to grinding stations.


Loading and unloading with articulated arm.


Optimal for large quantities of twist drills.


Four grinding stations and one central station for loading.

M648 Technical Specifications

Workpiece diameter up to 11 mm
Workpiece length 50-320 mm
Max flute length 160 mm
Flute quantity 2-4
Grinding wheel diameter 150 mm
Packing of granding wheels 2
Stations 4 grinding stations
Clamping system W12
Support bushing
Machine Axis Drives CNC
Z-axis up to 200 mm
X-axis up to 68 mm
Y-axis up to 68 mm
U-axis up to 16 mm
B-axis up to 16°
Machine Speeds
Z-axis up to 20 m/min
X-axis up to 6 m/min
Y-axis up to 8 m/min
U-axis up to 3 m/min
A-axis up to 12,600 RPM
B-axis up to 2,400 RPM
C-axis 21,600 RPM
Machine Dimensions
Weight approx. 4,500 kg
Stadard dimensions 5600 x 5200 x 2800 mm
CNC Control
Typ Fanuc 31i-B
Progamming dialoogue/ISO
Standard Loading Systems
Loading/unloading Fanuc articulated robot
Magazine system Palletsing
Maximum pallet capacity 500 pieces
Coolant System
Treatment paper band filter system
Pressure booster pump
Customer specific set up
MTS Toolkit Software
Deburring unit

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