CNC Screw Milling Machine


mm Max Module


mm Max Workpiece Diameter


mm Max Workpiece Length

CNC worm milling machine.
Max. module in steel = 1.75 mm.
3 or 4 CNC axes.
Loading system through the workpiece spindle.
Positioning device for skiving.


Up to four CNC axes for application versatility.


Flexible automation system with special loading options.


Up to 6,000 RPM cutting speed for short cycle times.


Workpiece diameters up to 45 mm and lengths up to 200 mm.

M667 Technical Specifications

Max module in steel 1.75 mm
Workpiece diameter - automatic loading 25 mm
Workpiece diameter - manual loading 45 mm
Max workpiece length 200 mm
Max cutting length 200 mm
Tool cutter diameter - standard 63-80 mm
Tool cutter diameter - high-speed 40 mm
Clamping systems W20/retractable arbir
Max clamping diameter 200 mm
Cutter motor 2.2 kW
Cutting speed - standard 6,000 RPM
Cutting speed - optional 15,000 RPM
Power axis servomotors 2Nm
Coolant system 60 l/min
Weight 2,100 kg
Dimensions 2,400 x 1,400 x 2,260 mm
Machine CNC Axes Travel
X-axis (plunging) 80 mm
Z-axis (longitudinal) 200 mm
W-axis (tailstock) 200 mm
Machine CNC Axes Traverse
X-axis (plunging) 6 m/min
Z-axis (longitudinal) 6 m/min
C-axis (workpiece) 180 RPM
CNC Control
Typ Fanuc 0-i
Progamming dialoogue/ISO
Loading Systems
Conveyor max workpiece length 30 mm
Conveyor max workpiece diameter 15 mm
Gantry max workpiece length 200 mm
Gantry max workpiece diameter 25 mm
A-axis CNC (swivel axis)
Loading system through the workpiece spindle
Positioning device for skiving

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