Rotary Bur or Burr Grinding Machine

130 mm

Max Workpiece Length

6 mm

Max Workpiece Diameter


RPM Spindle Speed

Manufacturing of dental and spiral drill bits, and rotary cutting tools
Compact machine footprint.

High machining flexibility due to mobile or fixed counter support.
Wheel set can be removed and data can be imported directly into the machine for wheel dressing.
Camera-assisted alignment of the support system.

Loading and unloading by articulated robot.
Handling of blanks and finished parts by pallets.
Cleaning station options in the robot chamber.
Unloading of small parts with a suction cup system.
Length control of blanks.


Up to five CNC axes for application versatility.


Flexible automation system with special design options.


Up to 12,000 strokes per minute for short cycle times.


Part diameters up to 6 mm and shaft lengths up to 130 mm.

M675 Technical Specifications

Workpiece diameter up to 6.0 mm
Workpiece length 19-130 mm
Max machining length 80 mm
Grinding wheel diameter 55-125 mm
Grinding wheel holder HSK32 up to 4 wheel package
Machine CNC Axes
X-axis up to 118 mm
Y-axis up to 140 mm
Z-axis up to 153 mm
W-axis up to 141 mm
A-axis max headstock setting angle
Machine Speeds
X-axis 6 m/min
Y-axis 6 m/min
Z-axis 6 m/min
W-axis 6 m/min
A-axis 18.75 RPM
C-axis 267 RPM
Machine Dimensions
Weight approx. 2,500 kg
Stadard dimensions 2300 x 1200 x 2450 mm
CNC Control
Typ Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC
Progamming dialoogue/ISO
Standard Loading Systems
Loading/unloading Fanuc articulated robot
Magazine system Pallets
Software Options
MTS software packages
3D simulation
Dressing data import
Interface to ERP or MES

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